Free the Elemental Spirits and save a dying world! Elemental Rage is an adventure platformer that every metroidvania fan will love.

- Explore large platforming levels, full of action, puzzles and secret passages
- Fight vicious dark creatures, collect items and upgrade your weapons
- Free the Elemental Spirits to level up each element (air, earth, water and fire), get powerful moves and reach new areas
- Fully customizable controls
- Beautifully rendered characters and environments
- Epic original soundtrack

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Meet Huna

Hello, everyone!¬†We’re going full steam ahead with the development of Elemental Rage. It’s little by little starting to turn into that game we’ve been wanting to make since we started Oniric Games. We hope you’ll have a great time with it once it’s out. But you’ll have to wait a little while before that…

While you wait, here’s some concept art. Meet Huna, the game’s main character.

Huna, the Elemental Rage's protagonist

Huna is a child who has lived all his life with his parents on a remote island. “We have a fine life here,” his father always says. “We’re together. What else could we possibly ask for?” But Huna is a always dreaming with great adventures on the other side of the ocean… As the game starts, adventure comes knocking at his door.

We’ll have more for you soon!

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